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Welcome to Smoking Conference!

Smoking is a very common habit! Studies have shown that seventy percent of teenagers are engaged into smoking or have smoked at least once! Recently, e-cigarettes came into play and people have started shifting to electronic smoking rather than going for the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Smoking conference offers quality e-cigarette accessories for all electronic smokers!

Who we are?

Smoking Conference is a web portal which offers a wide range of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories to customers. We have been in the e-cigarettes industry since the introduction of e-cigarettes on the market and have been offering quality products to our customers. Smoking Conference believes that shifting to e-smoking is the only way to have a healthier generation while saving the environment too simultaneously.  We promote electronic smoking and have been offering the best brands on our online store.

What do we offer?

We, at Smoking Conference, offer a variety of e-cigarettes and accessories. We have something in our store for everyone whether you are a beginner who is shifting from tobacco cigarettes to e-smoking or a regular user of e-cigarettes. Here is a list of things which you will find with ease on our website:
•    E-Cigarette Kits
•    E-Liquid Juice
•    Refill Kits for e-cigarettes
•    E-cigarette flavors
•    E-Cigarettes cases

Why e-Cigarettes?

The concept of e-cigarettes has recently entered the market. People are giving off the traditional tobacco cigarettes and shifting to e-cigarettes due to the various benefits which e-smoking offers to the smokers. Tobacco smoking is often concerned with health issues and even the governments across the world advice people to give off tobacco smoking and shift to e-cigarettes. The various benefits which e-cigarette offers are as follows.

They are healthier to be consumed. That is why Smoking Conference recommends e-cigarettes to you! Another key benefit of shifting to e-cigarettes is that they are pretty reasonable as compared with tobacco cigarettes. One can save a lot of money by simply switching to e-cigarettes! E-Smoking is permitted at public places by many local government and authorities too and this is why we recommend and promote it to all the traditional tobacco smokers.

Why Smoking Conference?

Smoking Conference is one of the best online stores for buying e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories. Hundreds of customers prefer us when it comes to buying e-cigarettes and accessories. This is all due to their faith in our products and services which we have built up. Here are a few reasons to try us:
•    Hundreds of branded e-cigarettes to choose from
•    Hundreds of e-cigarettes flavors to choose from
•    Priority delivery for all orders
•    FREE delivery in most areas
•    Cash on Delivery
•    A number of payment methods to pay with convenience
•    Returns and exchange policy
•    Reasonable prices

So, the next time you are looking for e-cigarettes or accessories, you can visit our website and surf through the wide range of products that we offer. Remember to take a look at the variety of e-liquid that we have in stock. A free sample e-liquid of your choice is delivered with every order.

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I have been smoking e-cigarettes for last six months now. I have always preferred Smoking Conference for buying my cigarette flavor and cases. They offer a nice range of products and many different flavours.
Sergio Semmoh

Happy Clients

The e-cigarette prices listed on Smoking Conference’s website are unbeatable. I got my first e-cigarette kit from them at discounted price and was very happy with the low price. Thank you Smoking Conference.
Peter Persaud